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AlsaceSee more
Tombolo Books founder and co-owner 

Favorite genre: Literary Fiction
Book that made her love reading: The Little Engine that Could

Alsace is an indie bookstore enthusiast. When not working with her wife, innovating ways to promote reading culture, she is standing waist deep in the Gulf (reading) or taking long meandering walks with her dogs.
AmandaSee more
 Children’s buyer/bookseller

 Favorite genre: Literary Fiction & Kids Books!
 Book that made me love reading: Island of the Blue Dolphins

Amanda’s been an indie bookseller since 2008. She started at Inkwood Books in Tampa and fell in love with the industry, and especially with children’s bookselling. The a-ha moment of connecting a reader (of any age) with the right book is her favorite. When not reading, she’s either running, swimming, biking or chasing her precocious kiddo, Pearl, whose demand for books will keep indie shops busy forever.
AndrewSee more

Favorite genre: Magic Realism
Book that made him love reading: Rainbow Fish 
Andrew is a local blogger and short story enthusiast. He loves spine tingling horror stories, confounding science fiction, and Florida grit literature. When he's not celebrating the written word at Tombolo, he's enjoying a good read at Sawgrass Lake Park with his pup, Kino, celebrating St. Pete on I Love the 'Burg, or going for long runs to Lassing Park.
CandiceSee more
Tombolo Books co-owner and weekend book alphabetizer 

Favorite genre: Mysteries & Hobbits
Book that made her love reading: The Mouse and the Motorcycle

Candice is a long-time bookstore groupie who finally got a shot at the big leagues. She’s a hiker, a bird watcher, a dog walker, a vegetable seed slinger, and 5K runner.
ClaireSee more

Favorite genre: Literary Fiction, Poetry, Memoir, Memoirs by Poets
Book that made her love reading: Harriet the Spy

Claire is a journalist living out her dream to fill a bookstore's staff picks shelf. She likes cloud-watching, rock climbing and list-making. Creature comforts include Muji pens, a clean desk, stacks of funny-sad books and hot black tea.
DenzelSee more
Bookseller/ Community Writers Liasion 

Favorite genre: Science, Nature, Poetry
Book that made him love reading: Where the Sidewalk Ends

Denzel is a local poet and hosts weekly poetry open mics in the courtyard at Black Crow. He's the creator of Neptune poetry magazine, and loves all sorts of non-fiction topics ranging from zoology, history, futurology, ecology, astronomy, and sociology.
KelseySee more
Events Coordinator/Bookseller 

Favorite Genre: Literary Fiction, Fantasy, Memoir
Book that made her love reading: A Series of Unfortunate Events 

When she is not coordinating author events for Tombolo or dreamily wondering through the bookstore's shelves, Kelsey is the Museum Outreach Educator at The Florida Holocaust Museum. She loves all things museums, history, and Louisiana, her home state. Geaux Tigers! Kelsey spends her free moments on the beach, exploring local breweries, or curled up on the couch with her cat, Felix; always with her latest read of course!
NicoleSee more

Favorite Genre: Literary Fiction, Memoir
Book that made her love reading: The Phantom Tollbooth

Nicole is a freelance writer/editor and instructor at USFSP. She's a big fan of anything written by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie. She also loves a good memoir, short story collection, and won't pass up a quality daily reader. When she's not doing bookish things at Tombolo, you'll likely find her interviewing a source for an upcoming article, wrangling her two boys, or on her yoga mat.
SerenaSee more

Favorite Genre: YA & Fantasy
Book that made her fall in love with reading: Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone
Serena is a Literacy Coach for Pinellas County Schools and a self-professed Plant Lady. Reading, teaching, and building curriculum around children's literature for her full time job is wonderful, and working at Tombolo Books is just the icing on the cake. When she's not reading books, you can find her snuggling with her cats, brewing kombucha, or binge-watching The Great British Bake Off.